Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The precancerous lesions have usually 8 kinds of types

1. leukoplakia
mainly oral, gastrointestinal, vaginal etc. mucosa leukoplakia;
2. Chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis;
3. Cervical erosion, mainly severe cervical erosion;
4. Cystic hyperplasia;
5. Old-age solar keratoses;
6. Xeroderma pigmentosa;
7. Gastrointestinal polyps, especially in familial and multiple polyps;
8. Other benign-Cancer

When man confirmed the Precancerous lesions ,it is necessary to active treatment.such as repeated the oral ulcer,man will the first of all classification and treatment;The Cervical erosion, especially in female patients with severe,Should immediately make microwave Physical Therapy;Jeghers because of bacteria, viruses, long-term chronic stimulation,as a result of into a great chance of cancer, it may be preferable to early surgery;on the exposed parts u. easily encountered nevi,if deeper color nevi,There is the possibility of malignant transformation, we should also seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

The majority of precancerous lesions can be found by checking.however, the body will give the owner sent some signals,such as Leucorrhea abnormal,ulcers continue for a long time,stool bleeding, breast feels some pain ... must never lose sight of those questions,should be timely to large hospitals, specialist out-patient diagnosis, timely review.cancer is the result of a combination of factors, as much as possible blocking before the process of carcinogenesis, even if only a small detail, it will stay away from cancer.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Method to lose weight under the help of liquid food

Method to lose weight under the help of liquid food,This is called “fast” method in the medical clinic, also known as a method to lose weight called “low calorie meals”.The people in this way to lose weight completely do not eat solid food,just drink seasoning protein liquid every day during 16 weeks or probably longer—-Total of 400 —800 thousand calorie liquid.It can cut weight by 2 kg - 4 kg in a week, and thereafter minus 2.5 kilograms or so a week.

It is reported that tens or thousands of obese persons have carried on the method to lose weight and after the food stream have a successful effect of losing 25 kg -35 kg weight in a short span of 16 weeks .
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vaginitis’s harm

Vaginitis’s harm :
1. Vaginal inflammation will be recurrent easily and destroy the feminine immune system seriously if in the inappropriate treatment.Being not recovered for a long-term seriously causes the cervicitis and the pelvic inflammatory disease, even causes the cervix of the uterus cancer.

2. Vaginitis patients have leucorrhea pathogens within,and the sperm can be engulfed by the positive cells.The disease also results in sperm’s activity and survival rate lower, so easily lead to infertility, and have sexual intercourse such as pain and loss of libido.

Vaginitis is an unspeakable pain of lots of women.In the women’s lifetime, at different times or because of different reasons,they will probably experience vaginitis’s attacks.How to take symptomatic medication under the guidance of experts in gynecological and be in timely treatment of course is obviously the best solution.

No matter what kind of vaginitis, the sex life must be forbided in treatment period in order to avoid the sexual intercourse rubs to cause the vagina hyperemia and inflammation aggravating.

After the treatment has ended,you should reexamine the leucorrhea after the next menstruation,and recovery the sex life just on the occision that the exmine shows negative.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ketone Kang trifles and mycotic vaginitis

Ketone Kang trifles, is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents.It has a strong role in suppression and killing of types of trichophyton diseases caused by skin fungi, yeast and other fungi,whether it is superficial mycoses, or deep fungal.On clinical Ketone Kang trifle is commonly used in treatment of diseases such as athlete’s foot, onychomycosis, fungus stomatitis, fungus pneumonia, mycotic vaginitis and body-wide fungal infections and so on.
Pay attention to the following several spots when it is used.
(1) Human body’s cell membrane contains the cholesterol,and has a certain degree of similarity with the composition of fungal cell membrane.Therefore some antifungal agents have a greater toxicity on human body cells.Su-workers, even though the toxicity is much lower than most other antifungal.But if the amount is oversized, time lasts long, also be easy to have the poisonous side effect.
(2) Regarding general infection,an adult takes 200 milligram one time every day, is compareed the security,and may take as so till to the symptoms disappears. To special infections, such as candida albicans vaginal disease, the daily amount need to be increased to 800 mg,divided to 2 times to take. However, medication should be especially careful of children,to the 1 ~ 4-year-old children, the daily capacity of 50 mg; 5 ~ 12 years of age is 100 mg daily.
(3) Suffering from acute and chronic liver disease, as well as those are allergic to this drug should be banned to use, pregnant women should be banned also.
(4) During the medication,liver function must be reviewed once at least every two weeks,once found liver is damaged, should immediately stop to take.
(5) This product can cause oral gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, headache, etc., usually take between meals can reduce the symptoms.
(6) Because of easy recurrence of fungal disease, in the course of treatment fungal culture should be carried out to negative results on many occasions before stopping using in order to avoid futile.
This product should not through the blood-brain barrier, so should not be used to treat fungal meningitis.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

5 tricks to make your Breast up up

A.Chest-type extension

Action 1: Inspiratory, hands palm crossing behind your head while two elbow extensor ping as far as possible.

Action 2: Breath, upper body as far as possible to the left tilt, stretching to the limit and then back to original position.

About completing the action both left and right 1 time is 1 group respectively, and each time makes 10 groups.

B.Style of raising the strong chest

Action 1: Inspiratory while elbows bending, cross the palm of your hands and stroke shoulders.

Action 2: Breath,raise your right elbow to the limit and then slowly back to initial position.

About completing the action both left and right 1 time is 1 group respectively, and each time makes 10 groups.

C.Perfection chest type

Action 1: Inspiratory, body upright, separate your feet as wide as shoulder,meanwhile make your hands a fist, elbow bent and chest after the elevation parallel.

Action 2: Breath,outstretch your hands slowly forward,concentrate the power in the chest, then slowly move back to the action 1, repeat 8-12 times.

D.To jack up natural-style

Action 1: Inspiratory and make your hands a fist,lift your arms evenly to the highth as shoulder opening towards left and right, elbows bent to 90 degrees.

Action 2: Breath,hands push hard to the middle till the elbow and palm fullly close together and relax slowly after stay still for 5 seconds, repeat 8-12 times.

E.Healthy chest and thin arm type

Action 1: Both hands outstretch forward, palms erectness.

Action 2: Take the shoulder as the central point, the way which the palm draws a circle leads the arms’ movement, draw a circle repeatedly 10 times, maintaining the natural breath.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Can a person learn the Yoga just by oneself

Question: I would like to learn Yoga, but there is no peacetime

Answer: Yoga is a psychological self-cultivationso that must be so clever to find a technical coach.Carry out self-cultivation alone on the case that without knowing their own physical condition may have a negative impact on the body.

Yoga is a practice law to guide the spirit of the people by philosophy ,so just be on the surface of the imitation is no significance.

Moreover, practicing blindly under the case that not clear of their physical condition may occur with their desire to the opposite result.

For example: Originally, there is gas declined disease with the body, but go to practice the yoga moves decline in physical gas delivery , thus making the disease worse.So to do Yoga, the first need to be clear is what to do for themselves the effects of Yoga.Yoga is different with other sports, it calls for intrinsic things.

In a word,must not look at the video so simple to imitate the surface of things, we must find a coach knowing your body and mind, and it is necessary for regularly exchange with experts.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Losing weight by the yoga is just to be suitable in spring.

In fact,in the beginning yoga is not for losing weight but mainly physical and mental conditioning.Later, the special thin Yoga is a improved yoga of losing weight.

The Yoga which is used to lose weight is to burn the most fat and promote metabolism of body arranged together to achieve the downsizing effects of enhancing the heart rate and burning the calorie. Since the sport is orderly , it’s not easy to be obese again to practice losing weight yoga, through reconciling breathing can reduce appetite, in addition to their physical and mental conditioning also played a significant role in losing weight.Yoga due to enhanced muscle strength and muscular endurance, be able to exercise a well-proportioned and beautiful body and is increasingly being respected by more and more people.
Methods of operation in losing weight through Yoga

1.Sit on the chair with your right hand holding the left lateral knee, inhale, simultaneously extend the left hand back along with the five fingers as spread as possible open, eyes fixed on the middle finger.Maintain this action for the time of 5 times breathing, then move hands up and then back to its original location.
2.To sit at the 1 / 3 position of a chair with hands putting on the chair,suction following, then bottom leave the chair,head supine to the back depending hands sustaining the body.
3.The maintenance of five breathing, and then slowly return to the original position.
4.Then relax the body, bending down, to maintain the same five breathing, and then back to sitting.
3.Finally, you push the index finger at the junction with the tiger’s mouth, can help suppress appetite.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

The beauty shop nursing flesh skin to make up the water

In summer the air condition greatly opens, causeing the skin moisture content to disappear rapidly, the epidermis moisture content’s supply relative reduction, so the skin becomes dried obviously. In addition, longer duration of sunshine make the skin itching and lack of protection,so that wrinkles, spots take the opportunity to invade.Especially the nine-to-five office owners, their skin are being put into the dryer’s apple, but also do it black.

If you want to work the beautiful without hampering the other, first of all is to make up the water on the strong effect and going to the beauty shop is a great idea. Today we will show the real veil of making up the water in the beauty shop.
The Step 1 :foreign citrus fruits do balance:

The beginning of the process has no difference from other beauty items—-deep clean, eliminate scrub and blackhead. However, an increase of beauticians in particular is using foreign citrus petals accompanied Toner to wipe at your face to do the balance,and at this time strange things happened:in the bottle is clearly saw that the foreign citrus petals is gone when it is enough to the surface , making people feel what is meant by “to the visible, go without a trace.”
The Step 2 :cold water spray injection:

The beautician firstly spreads a disposable milk facial mask paper in the face, then turns on the instrument to carry on again spurts coldly.

Introduction according to beautician, cold spray not only helps to open the skin pores, but also put moisture directly “injected” into the skin so that skin enjoys “drinking”.After commencement of operation, a feeling of a breeze has blown your face and facial skin has been gradually easing.
The Step 3 : import peaches Serum:

After completing the atomization, the beautician adjusts the instrument inducts the pattern, with metal stick who wrapped up the cotton starting from the neck , along the chin, the cheeks slides to the forehead, to the mixed dried skin, by now will think a little the stabbing pain.Beauticians also add peaches serum to prevent face from being dried during this period.The entire process does not use the manpower completely, but uses the different computer contact to carry on, letting the flesh neat and carefree be more thorough.
The Step 4 : spreads the silk facial mask :

Beautician firstly pay an entire silk soft membrane into a small bowl,use brush to evenly spread in the forehead, face and neck throughout the side —-all-nourishing of the skin, tighten pores;And then pour instant jelly and continue to spread in the mask ,so that the facial skin will get further absorption of moistureafter after the points have been completely clear of.Solcoseryl I remain the gel on the skin feeling very unique, both as a layer of cold membrane covering the surface of the skin,and like the rain fall to dried land as soon as the infiltration into.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

five ways to get rid of blackhead and acne

Blackhead removal while at the same time do not want pores to become larger , whatever method is best to pre-steamed steamed our face to make the pores naturally open,in addition to be helpful to expulsion of toxin , but also helpful to clean clear. Ending up removing blackhead , the best to do is use distilled water or frozen Toner to compress mature nose and T-site not only can calm the skin, but also can shrink pores.

Secret recipe 1:drink the water with honey and at the same time use the face cream with honey will enable to change with smooth skin rapidly .

Buy bottles of honey, pick a little and used to wash your face with face cream inside every day morning and insist on drinking honey water, which can effectively remove the blackhead, let the skin becomes thin again.

Secret recipe 2: tomato with the use of lemons, which is particularly effective to eliminate the blackhead and acne.

Stirs broken tomato and lemon tablets as mud, then add some bread flour accompli after the mixing uniformity, what applied to the face for about 30 minutes to wash away is helpful to remove aging cells, deep clean the skin of blackheads, acne and oily skin particularly effectively, as well as whitening, sedation.

Secret recipe 3: egg shell membrane

Put egg shell membrane down and get it attached to the nose up, get formation, then use a small hair dryer to blow dry it.Then get it down when closely attached. Repeat several times, not only can remove the blackhead, but can also shrink pores.
Secret recipe 4: milk containing salt can dispel the blackhead

Each time 4 to 5 drops of milk added to salt, and massage the face when the salt is at a state of semi-dissolved (not too hard). After half a minute to wash away with water (Note that the time can not be too long).In order to allow the re-secretion of clean grease to protect the skin, don’t scratch anything on the washed skin.

Secret recipe 5: the tapioca may eliminate the aged cutin and the black head

1. Select and purchase the quality excellent internal medicine tapioca in the pharmacy;
2. Take the right amount tapioca to put in the small dish, furnish them lip lipstick after joining the right amount clear water;
3. Nice pearl tapioca will be deployed evenly coated in the face;
4. Massage the face until the tapioca of the face become dried, and then use water to wash your face;
5. Each week available two times, can eliminate the cutin which gets older and the blackhead well.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Mixed feelings impact on breast health

Modern women work pressure would inevitably be reflected angry mood swings, but experts point out that the risk of breast hyperplasia often angry.Pressure with the human organism is directly related to immunity, breast and uterus are the "pressure" an organ, the pressure is too large and would not relieve, easily hormone imbalance in the body, so to maintain a good psychological state of the breast useful.Because many women now busy with work, not for the continuity of breast-feeding, breast-feeding or shortened, experts recommend breast-feeding even the best in more than half a year to one year, it would also help prevent breast cancer.Self-test should be elected on timeIn addition to regular annual inspection to go to the hospital, breast self-examination is also important, preferably once a month. Menopausal women are not the best time to check in monthly menstrual after 7-10 days, at this time compared breast soft, easy to abnormal; menopausal women have been free to choose any one day a month for regular inspection. Experts recommend using the following three methods:Bathing check: The share of flat hand gently mobile, check each part of the breast. Put his right hand to check the left breast, left hand to check the right side of the breast to check the availability of breast lumps, induration or thickening.In a mirror in front of check:Is treating the mirror two sagging both sides the body, raises slowly again two upper limbs excessively, observes breast's shape change, including breast's outline, whether there is to swell up the part, whether there is the skin micro concave or nipple's retraction. Then, both hands fork waist, observation two-sided breast to be whether symmetrical.Lying check: The hands flat on the skin soft reduction to nipple-centric mobile inspection gradually. Check the outside began in the top of the breast,The right breast to a clockwise direction, the left breast in order to counter-clockwise; from the periphery of the breast, the gradually inward until the nipple. Finally, in between his thumb and index finger to observe whether or not light squeeze the nipple nipple discharge. For discharge, should be observed to clarify or muddy, is light yellow, white or bloody. Once the abnormal, should immediately seek medical treatment.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Curing Your Acne

For many people, getting rid of acne can seem difficult, if not downright impossible. Many people have tried a host of unsuccessful acne treatments to get rid of this bothersome problem. But, you should be aware that it is possible to effectively treat acne once you understand how.
Let's start by quickly reviewing why most drug store acne products that are available over-the-counter just don't work. You need to have a clear understanding of these reasons if you are serious about getting rid of your acne.
The flaw in about 95% of these products is that they only cover up or treat acne AFTER pimples have already appeared. They simply act as a band-aid measure by trying to deal with one pimple at a time after you've already broken out. They do nothing to treat the root cause of the problem.
This is an awfully ineffective approach. What use is there in trying to get rid of one pimple if you haven't done anything to prevent new ones from popping up? Most companies that manufacture acne treatments simply ignore this obvious fact, but maybe they do it for their own gain. After all, when you find a REAL acne cure, you'll stop coming back to buy their products!
For a true and lasting acne cure, you need to use a treatment that gets to the root of the problem. There are four main causes of acne, including an excess of oil in the skin, acne-causing bacteria, skin irritation and inflammation, and clogged-up pores. In order to effectively cure your acne, you need to target each one of these causes.
It's not as difficult to do as you may think. Though you won't find much variety on your local drug store shelf, you can gain access to effective acne treatment systems that deal with the underlying cause of the problem. This usually involves a step by step regimen with an acne treatment system to make sure you're hitting on all of the root causes of acne.
You may be surprised at how quickly you can get relief from acne if you use the right products. In as little as a week after starting acne treatment, your skin will become clearer and healthier than you would have though possible. It's a wonderful feeling when you actually see the results in the mirror.
Getting rid of acne is far from impossible. In fact, it's astoundingly easy once you have the right acne treatment system in hand.
Once you find an effective acne treatment that touches on all of the causes of pimples, you'll be well on your way to getting the clear skin you want.

Acne treatment methods

If you want to really get rid of acne for the rest of your life, topical creams and pills are not the answer. You need an all natural approach that will last a lifetime.
Unfortunately, many people are not willing to make simple lifestyle changes in order to clear up their acne for good. If you are one of these people then I would suggest you stop reading now.
For those of you still here, you are obviously motivated and have tried everything with little to no success. Unfortunately these products simply mask the acne symptoms and don't get to the root cause of acne. Hormonal imbalances, genetics, and inflammation all play a crucial role in acne development. Here's how you can stop it from forming in the first place.
1. Dietary changes. This is probably the hardest thing for many people. It simply takes willpower. Avoiding foods that promote inflammation is key. Excess sugar and vegetable oils are two of the biggest culprits. Grains and dairy can also cause problems if you are acne prone.
2. Exercise. Yes, the dreaded 'E' word. Exercise improves circulation, helps flush out toxins, and balances hormones (aerobic exercise in particular.) Try to get at least 30 minutes a day, 4 to 5 times a week.
3. Supplement. Lastly, if you want to speed the process along then you should take a few high quality supplements. The ones I recommend are inexpensive and can be found at any health food store.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

(Weight-Loss )High Calorie Foods That Lead to Weight Gain

Calories should come from healthy foods and not from junk diet. Foods excessive with the following should be avoided.
-Saturated fat -Calories -Cholesterol -Sodium
The following items should be avoided:
-Alcoholic drink: Limited consumption of these drinks reduces risk for hypertension and high blood pressure. But excessive use can sabotage your weight loss regime. Alcohol is responsible for weight gain. Thus keep yourself away from alcohol.
-Meat: Meat as an animal product is loaded with a lot of saturated fat. It is also rich in cholesterol.
-Fast food: Fast foods, such as Pizza, burger, fries, etc. are rich source of calories and sodium. Thus these should be avoided for a healthier life.
-Egg yolk: One egg yolk gives you 80 calories and 215 mg cholesterol. However egg white is a rich source of protein.
-Ice creams: Ice creams are strictly restricted if you want to lose weight. These contain nothing but fat.
-Potato chips: These contain too much fat and salt. 100gm of potato chips can give you 1000 to 1200 calories. Salt is also a rich source of sodium.
-Also chocolate, direct sugar, cake, donut, nut, and pie should not be consumed.
In addition to avoiding above foods you need to
-Eat 5 to 6 light meals to keep metabolic rate high throughout the day otherwise you will be gaining weight as a result of slower metabolism -Eat foods rich in nutrients else you will be losing muscle not fat
It is advisable to consume adequate calories from healthy sources. Tons of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains should be taken. Protein, carbohydrate, and fat are important nutrients for healthy growth. These should be consumed in moderation.
Oprah is getting slimmer and healthier, Now its your turn to get the Dynamic Duo!

Looking For an Emotional Freedom Technique?

How would you like to feel as if you are controlling your destiny, well there are ways to solve this emotional dilemma that affects us all. You see, when you feel trapped or confined without control, your emotional psyche suffers. But there are ways to combat this problem, and before I explain a technique that will assist you, I want you to realize you are not alone.
More and more in our society we are destroying individuality for the best interests of the whole or the mob, sometimes majority rule is best for all, sometimes it turns out not to be as each person has to give up a little bit of self. However, while all this is going on around us, there are ways to maintain your emotional dignity and boost your positive psyche. For instance, try this very good mind, brain exercise:
Close your eyes and look while your eyes are closed, leave a dim light on. As you see the light through your eye lids you will see shapes. Let your mind see things just like looking at a ceiling, your mind will use frame bursting and it will see scenes, shapes, people, things you are familiar with, eventually they will come at you faster and faster and you can visualize whatever you want or whatever comes to mind, eventually if you are totally relaxed you will enter lucid dreaming at a Delta or Theta State.
You are not going to read any of this in any books, it's a secret technique. You are going to be shocked how well all this works. Indeed, I've been doing it over the years, now my mind does it when I sleep - I actually dream I am doing it, so I guess I am? Your mind is pretty powerful, don't box it in - let it fly. Think on this.

A Wonderful Body Bath

Doesn't everyone enjoy a great body bath? It's relaxing, enjoyable, and even good for you. You may even feel more beautiful after a bath! It's kind of like a massage at a spa - only quicker and less expensive.
First, and not immediately before your bath, make sure your bath is clean and free of clutter. You don't want to think about dirt and mess when you are trying to relax! Create an environment that reminds your of beauty, tranquility, and calm.
Make sure to collect all the supplies you will need for before, during, and after your body bath. Get your towels, candles, essential oils, music, soap, and sleeping clothes together in the bathroom. Nothing spoils a relaxing bath like having to run around during or after it to get something you've forgotten.
Prepare your bath water to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit / 38 degrees Celsius. Some studies have shown that this temperature relaxes your muscles and stimulates calming chemicals in your brain.
Essential Oils
For additional relaxation effects, consider adding natural essential oils such as:
- Lavender - Used by many people across many generations, lavender is valued for both it fragrance and beauty. It is generally considered a great essential oil for a body bath, from age 2 to 102!
- Bergamot - With a fresh smell, bergamot creates a relaxed and happy feeling. It has a citrus smell with spicy and floral qualities. Bergamot has been used to treat depression, stress, tension, fear, and skin infections.
- Cedarwood - Well known for its known for its tranquilizing and soothing effects, Cedarwood boasts a rich woody spicy aroma. It is terrific for providing a sense of well being and relaxation.
- Patchouli - Traditionally used in the East for both medicinal and aromatic purposes, Patchouli originated from Malaysia is used frequently in perfume and cosmetic applications. Patchouli is a 'love it or hate it' type of oil, so smell it in the store or borrow a bottle from a friend before investing in a bottle for yourself.
Normally a total of 8-10 drops of the oils makes for a pleasing experience.
There are many sources of essential oils, including health stores and the internet. If you absolutely can't get essential oil, consider using a bubble bath - they are widely available in grocery and other general stores. Watch out for dangerous chemicals and fake perfume smells. Look for a product that is as natural as possible - it will you will feel more beautiful, attractive, and healthy.
Other Tips for Your Bath
Turn the lights down or off and light a candle to provide a soft glow to help you relax. Enjoy, but don't stay in for more than 30 minutes - you could fall asleep. After enjoying your body bath, put on your night clothes and slip into bed for a relaxing night's sleep.
While soaking, make sure you breathe deeply. Breathe slowing in your nose, filling your chest with air. Breathe out through your mouth. As a test to see if you are breathing deeply and properly, put one hand on your chest and the other hand on your stomach - your chest should not move. Remeber to relax.
Consider adding some extras to make your body bath especially special:
- Add a pillow: Put a kitchen trash bag over it to keep it dry and place it inside a normal pillowcase
- Play some soft music: Select your favorite relaxing music and set it up to really set the mood
- Treat yourself to a face mask
- Select a special, all-natural soap
- Put on some natural lotion with natural perfume smells and essential oils
Above all, enjoy the relaxation and health benefits of the bath for your body!

Friday, January 16, 2009

How to Have Healthy Aging Skin Care

Are you getting exhausted with all the skin problems? Wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, blemishes are making you feel embarrassed in front of others? Well sit back and relax because I am going to tell you how to have healthy aging skin care that really can help you out.
Now why is this word "healthy" coming out with aging skin care? The answer is pretty much straight forward. Now a days, there are many anti aging skin creams available at the market and many of them are stuffed with chemicals.
Now applying such creams on your face can be a real dangerous thing to do since most of these chemical ingredients are very harsh for your skin and can cause serious side effects including irritation, redness, itching, rash, allergy etc.
At the same time since these creams are absorbed directly inside your body so your internal organs can be affected badly by these synthetic elements. The consequences sometimes can be so devastating that it can end up involving cancer.
Now you know why it is so important to have healthy aging skin care. The good thing is beside all these chemical products, there are some real good methods which can help you to get safe treatment for your skin.
First of all, healthy skin care needs healthy food. So try to avoid junk food and go for fresh green vegetables and fruits. Have foodstuff that are rich of vitamins, anti oxidant, fatty acid.
If you are addicted to alcohol or smoking or both of them then it is a good time to get rid of them before it is too late. It is found that both alcohol and cigarettes lead to the growth of free radicals which causes wrinkles.
Stress free life is not only necessary for your healthy living but for your skin as well. It is a very common thing you would notice that those who face excess stress in their career does intend to have wrinkles and other aging signs.
Many of us have a tendency of becoming so busy that we become quite irregular about sleep. But having enough sleep everyday is very much necessary for a healthy skin. "Beauty sleep" does mean a lot doesn't it?
When we grow older our blood circulation slows down which can cause skin damages. To avoid this problem you need to have regular exercise. It helps a lot to make sure that your blood circulation remains normal and thus provides you the safety from skin aging.
Sun light is one of the biggest elements that is responsible for wrinkles. Especially UV ray causes free growth of radicals which is not a good thing for your skin.
When it comes to going for an anti aging skin cream, the natural products are the ones that should be your first choice. Remember, they are organic so are easily absorbed by your body and has no side effects. The natural ingredients go deep inside and work in the root of the cause that is responsible for the skin problems.
So using natural skin care cream and having a controlled life style can make all the difference for you. So after going through this article you know the ways of how to have healthy aging skin care.

Skincare Cosmetics

If you are wondering about the most profitable and growing industries of world in the present age, Skincare products definitely will be on the top of your list. Well yes, unfortunately the fact is skincare cosmetics have become a very strong source of making money for many big companies.
Every year, there are millions of people who are spending a huge amount of money for skincare purposes. Buying all those skincare creams and lotions may give you a hope before using but at the end of the day do they actually help you to get rid of the skin problem for which you actually bought it?
Well the answer is NO. In most cases, these ever promising "best" products do not deliver the service they claim to be capable of. It is very much proven that many of the brand name companies are using cheap harsh chemical ingredients for skin care creams which are not good for your skin.
Many of these ingredients cause side effects like irritation, redness, itching, dryness, pimples, rash etc.
Most of these skincare product manufacturers have went away from the ethical issues that they are suppose to provide quality and safe products for people who are desperately looking for assistance for their skin problems.
Instead of making the safe and effective skin creams, the companies are getting more interested to cut the production cost and make more money by selling all these products. And that's why you will find many cheap synthetic ingredients in your cream which has nothing to do with skin treatment.
All those dazzling advertisements that you can see in the TV commercials will give you a hope alright but the basic reason behind it is to make sure that the companies are digging up all the profits and get your money in their pockets.
So you need to educate yourself about the things that are necessary for your skin care. Have your own research about ingredients which your skin actually needs and those you need to avoid.
It is proven that the natural skin acre creams are the ones which can provide you the best treatment and they are totally free from side effects.
Functional Keratin, Vitamin E, Grape seed oil, Avocado extract, Olive oil, Fish oil, Coenzyme Q10, Manuka honey, Wakme kelp etc are the organic ingredients that you need you skin cream to have.
So when it comes to choosing a skin care cosmetics, make sure that the one you are using contains the natural ingredients and not even a mixture of natural and synthetic elements.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Often Should You Do a Self-Exam?

One of the most prominent cases of cancer in women, which we hear today, is breast cancer. Cases of breast cancer have increased at an alarming rate and therefore, it is very important that we know the exact signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Women are the worst victims of this breast cancer, but men are also reported to suffer from this deadly disease.
Breast cancer can be cured in cases when women catch that they are having breast cancer in very early stages when the cancer is unable to reach the lymph nodes. In fact, 80% of all the women suffering from breast cancer are fully cured and they enjoy life as a normal person provided they are treated in the early stages of breast cancer.
Catch the Disease at an Early Stage
The best way to survive from cases of breast cancer is to catch it early on. For this, a woman should regularly perform breast self-exam of her breasts. This helps in finding and detecting breast cancer in the early stages ensuring that with proper treatment, it can be cured. A woman should perform self-exam of her breast regularly, so that she knows how her breasts normally feel. She can easily locate, if there is any sort of change in the anatomy of her breasts in future. This helps in improving the chances for her survival and eliminating the risks of breast cancer.
Consult Your Physician Immediately
As soon as you notices change in your breasts by performing self-exam, you should immediately contact your general physician or healthcare provider. Although most lumps or breast changes are found to be non-cancerous, such preventive measures can help you in determining the exact reason behind the abnormality of your breasts.
Fix a Time for Self-Exam
Every woman should conduct regular self-exam of her breasts. It is recommended that she does it every month and particularly after a few days before her period ends. This is because during that particular time, a woman's breast is found to be less swollen or tender. Doctors also say that a woman should perform self-exam of her breast at the same time of every month, so that she notices exact changes.
Symptoms to Watch Out For
While performing a self-exam of your breasts, you should immediately contact your doctor if you notice any sort of abnormal lump. Again, you should consult them if any of your breasts shows some other symptoms like nipple retraction or skin irritation, skin dimpling & skin irritation, watery discharge from the nipple and redness on the breast skin or nipple.
Benefits of Regular Self-Exam
Regular self-exam ensures that a breast cancer is found early and there are more treatment choices for the affected person. Woman having breast cancer in the early stages have a better chance of recovery, as the cancer is unable to affect the lymph nodes.
It is very important that every woman perform regular self-exam of her breasts, so that the breast cancer can be detected and treated as early as possible.

How to Get Ready For Your Mammogram

A mammogram is one of the safest ways that is used to check if there is any problem with the breast of a woman. It is actually an x-ray of the breasts, as it involves in using a special and very low dose x-ray machine taking pictures of both breasts.
Effective Method of Preventing Cancer
Mammogram is an effective way of breast cancer prevention, as it is the most reliable procedure to detect early stages of breast cancer. However, there are some limitations of mammogram. Many cancers may not be detected by mammograms. Such breast cancers can be detected by breast self-exam. This article will guide you in getting ready for your mammogram.
What You Should Watch Out For?
Firstly, you should check the place where you are going to have your mammogram, so that you get to know about any special instructions, which you must follow before you arrive there. You should make the appointment for your mammogram for at least one week after the completion of your period. This is because your breast generally hurt less during this time. You should make sure that you tell your mammography facility, if you have ever got any type of breast implants.
Things to Remember Before Visiting Mammogram Facility
It is better that you wear a shirt preferably with shorts, skirt or pants. This helps you to undress from the waist up, thus leaving your pants, skirt or shorts on while you are getting your mammogram. It is highly advised that do not use any sort of deodorant, lotion, powder or lotion on your breasts or under your arms on the day you are having your mammogram.
Using these things may result in shadows on your mammogram, as they contain small aluminium particles. You can use cornstarch in place of talcum powder or deodorant, as it does not interfere with the x-ray image. You should not use any sort skin lotions on your breasts, as it can make them slippery. Hence, it will result in a movement during the process and a blurred image may be produced.
What Actually Happens During the Diagnosis Process?
After reaching the clinic, you should undress up to your waist. Try wearing clothes that can be easily removed and has loose fittings. Do not wear a bra on the day. Do not forget to take a hairbrush, so that you can tidy up at the time of redressing. After undressing, you will be asked to put on the hospital gown, opening to the front. The technician will help you in positioning yourself in front of the mammogram machine while standing. While taking the mammogram, your technician will rest each of your breasts on a metal plate, arranging maximum of the breast tissue between the top compression plate and the bottom plate. Your breasts will then be imaged and compressed for various lateral and vertical images.
It is recommended that women, especially those belonging to the upper age limit of 40 years or more, have a mammogram of their breasts done every year. This helps in early detection of breast cancer in one's breast and ensures proper treatment, which can even cure cancer.

What is an ''Early Stage'' Breast Cancer?

An "Early Stage" breast cancer is sometimes referred as Stage 1 breast cancer. In such cases, the affected region is less than 2-2.5 centimetres in diameter. However, cancer does not spread inside the tissue of the breast. In fact, among all the women detected for breast cancer in the U.S, 63% of them suffer from "Early Stage" Breast Cancer, as it is still localized to the tissue of the breast.
Today, Breast Cancer is considered to be one of the most deadly and emotional types of cancers occurring in women. However, it should be kept in mind that it is not only women, who are at a risk of having breast cancer. Men can also have such type of cancers, but most patients are female.
Early detection increases chances of survival
If the breast cancer is an early stage one and it is properly detected and treated, the survival rate of that patient increases to a large extent. The best trick to fight breast cancer is to catch it early on and generally women can detect it by finding a typical lump in any one of their breasts. Women should immediately check out in such cases but they should not worry, as all lumps are not cancers.
Early stage breast cancer cannot always be cured, even though cancerous cells are unable to reach the lymph nodes. Women, who catch early stage breast cancer, gets treated at that point and many of them are able to enjoy life in a normal lifestyle for more than ten years. It is highly recommended for every woman to check her breasts regularly to be on the safe side, so that possible cases of breast cancers can be detected early. With proper treatment, women can enjoy high survival rates.
Symptoms of Early Stage Cancer
An early stage breast cancer can be detected on the basis of various symptoms. Some of them are unexpected abnormal changes in the anatomy & the size of the breast, appearance of the skin of the breast becomes dimpled & puckered, sudden unexpected changes in the size and shape of the nipple like the changing position and nipple being inverted. Other symptoms include abnormal discharge from the nipple, development of rash in the nipple, continuous pain in the region of armpit & breast, thickening or formation of the lump in the armpit & breast and swelling of the collarbone region & armpit.
Treatment following the detection
Any of the above symptoms determine an early stage breast cancer and any woman having such symptoms should immediately contact her general physician. Doctors examine the patient properly and if necessary, can refer them to a breast clinic for more examinations and mammogram. Upon detection of a lump, the cancerous cells can be extracted with the help of a delicate needle. A biopsy should also be done to ascertain, if the affected area or lump is malignant.
Every woman should know how to do self-examination of her beasts, so that she can know her breasts easier and recognise abnormal changes on them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top 7 Foods That Help to Lose Weight Fast & Easily Now

Here are 10 foods that will help you lose weight and boost up or increase your metabolism. I hope this will have you nodding your head in agreement, and there may be a few that will probably be new to you as well.
1. Drink enough water - Studies indicate that drinking water will actually speed up your weight loss. By drinking approximately 17 ounces of water, researchers in Germany found that their subjects increased their metabolic rate by 30 percent. Drink all throughout the day and not just one at a time, and start your day by having a big glass of water.
2. Green Tea - This is a trendy drink among weight-conscious celebrities, and it also help prevent heart diseases and have anti-cancer properties.
3. Soup - Having a bowl of soup as an appetizer or a snack will burn fat faster. It is a super appetite suppressant because it's consists of hunger-satisfying combination of solids and liquids.
4. Grapefruit - This have unique chemical properties that reduces insulin levels, which promotes weight loss. Because of its soft peel, it is a nice alternative to orange or apple.
5. Pears & apples - From research, overweight women who ate the equivalent of three small pears or apples a day lost more weight on a low-calorie diet. They also ate fewer calories overall.
6. Broccoli - Studies have shown that calcium links to weight loss, and broccoli is high in calcium & vitamin C. This weight loss superfood not only fights fat but contains powerful phytochemicals that protect against diseases and boost your immunity.
7. Oatmeal - This is a good source of cholesterol fighting, fat soluble fiber that will keep you full and provide you with energy. Also be sure that instead of instant oatmeal, choose steel cut or rolled oats to get full dose of vitamins, minerals & fiber.
Now you want to have more energy, be Healthier, look Younger, lose weight, and cleanse your body, right?

Can you get rid of your Acne?

Acne can be brought on by a variety of things such as hormone troubles, menstrual periods, birth control pills, greasy hair, certain skin products, and can even be inherited from one family member to another. Also, some medications can cause the skin to break out.
As acne will affect both female and males, the males tend to have the oiliest skin. There are a lot of successful treatments out there to get rid of Acne. Acne is treated most effectively if you begin treatment from the very start. Some of these treatments you may not recognize, but they used to be all over the television and are known as Neutrogena, Pro-active and Clearasil.
A lot of treatments have to be used long term in order for them to work. Even though the problem gets annoying and the treatment seems to be slow, be sure and follow the direction of your physician. There are prescription medications that doctors can give you for treatment.
They will prevent oil being backed up in the pores, cracking skin, and will get rid of the overgrowth of bacteria. Just in case none of this works, there is a product called Accutane that can be used. You will probably need to sit down with your doctor or dermatologist to figure out which medication is right for you.
In order to prevent scarring of acne, do not squeeze or pinch affected area. This can force the bacteria further into the skin making things worse. You will notice more swelling and then the scarring will occur. Also, try not to rub on the affected areas.
There are numerous amounts of treatments out there for you to try. What most people do not realize is that there are home remedies that are just as effective as prescription medication.
You don't have to be embarrassed anymore because of the way your skin looks. If you are ready to get your clear skin back, here is my.