Friday, March 13, 2009

Can a person learn the Yoga just by oneself

Question: I would like to learn Yoga, but there is no peacetime

Answer: Yoga is a psychological self-cultivationso that must be so clever to find a technical coach.Carry out self-cultivation alone on the case that without knowing their own physical condition may have a negative impact on the body.

Yoga is a practice law to guide the spirit of the people by philosophy ,so just be on the surface of the imitation is no significance.

Moreover, practicing blindly under the case that not clear of their physical condition may occur with their desire to the opposite result.

For example: Originally, there is gas declined disease with the body, but go to practice the yoga moves decline in physical gas delivery , thus making the disease worse.So to do Yoga, the first need to be clear is what to do for themselves the effects of Yoga.Yoga is different with other sports, it calls for intrinsic things.

In a word,must not look at the video so simple to imitate the surface of things, we must find a coach knowing your body and mind, and it is necessary for regularly exchange with experts.

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