Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Breast cancer symptom

1. Indolence tumour: Breast's indolence tumour often urges the cardinal symptoms which the patient receives a medical examination.

2. Nipple overflows the fluid: Overflows the fluid to be possible to be the achromatic color, the cream color, faint yellow, the brown, courage and uprightness and so on; May assume the water sample, the blood sample, the size or the purulent; The overflowing liquid volume may many be possible to be few, the time interval is inconsistent.

3. Nipple and the areola are unusual: The nipple is flat, retraction, hollow, until shrinks into under completely the areola, cannot see the nipple. Sometimes the entire breast raises, both sides nipple not in identical horizontal plane. The nipple erosion is also breast cancer's typical symptom. When inflammatory breast cancer the partial skin assumes the inflammation type performance; The color from pale red arrives dark red, starts when quite limits, soon namely expands to the majority of mammary gland skin, simultaneously is accompanied by the skin dropsy. The skin accumulation, rough, the surface temperature elevates.

4. Proliferation and development: The mammary gland cancer cell's doubling time is 90 days equally, before clinical can discover the tumour, the tumor concealment stage is equally 12 years (in 6~20). Once the tumor occurs, its development may adopt the following way: The partial expansion, the lymph road spreads, the blood line to spread.

5. Breast cancer like does not pass through the treatment, or is invalid for the medicine, below will encroach upon some regions gradually: The lymph gland, the bone, the lung, the liver, the brain, the pleural cavity, the pericardium infiltrate the fluid, Gao Xuegai, the spinal cord bearing.

what is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is one of feminine most common malignant tumors, according to the material statistics, the disease incidence rate occupies whole body each kind of malignant tumor 7-10%, is only inferior in the woman to the carcinoma of uterus. Its morbidity often with heredity related, as well as between 40-60 years old, around the menopause woman disease incidence rate is high. The approximately 1-2% mammary gland patients are only the male. Usually occurs in the breast gland Epithelial tissue's malignant tumor. Is one which of most common malignant tumors one kind of serious influence woman physical and moral integrity even endangers life. Breast cancer male is rare. the breast cancer is the breast gland epithelial cell under many kinds of carcinogenic factor function, had the gene mutation, the cause cell proliferation has lost control. Because cancer cell's biological behavior has had the change, presents the disorder, the unlimited malignant proliferation. Its histology manifestation is the massive weak cancer cell infinite multiplication and the disorderly shape crowded agglomerate, periphery extrudes and corrodes destroys the Normal tissue, destroys breast's Normal tissue structure. after the mammary gland cell has the sudden change, then lost normal cell's characteristic, the organizational structure disorder, the cell junction has been loose, the cancer cell was very easy to fall off the dissociation, and so on spread the whole body along with the blood or the lymph, formed early the far-end shift, increased the very major difficulty for breast cancer's clinical cure. The whole body important internal organs' shift like lung shifts, the brain to shift, the bone shift and so on immediate danger person's life, therefore breast cancer is endangers the human body life seriously the malignant disease. the breast cancer's prevention principle is the same with all cancers, must strive for the early time to discover, early treatment. In the daily life, insisted that the science the breast health care, the mammary gland self-examination and accept the medical specialists' inspection are regularly very essential.