Monday, February 2, 2009

Mixed feelings impact on breast health

Modern women work pressure would inevitably be reflected angry mood swings, but experts point out that the risk of breast hyperplasia often angry.Pressure with the human organism is directly related to immunity, breast and uterus are the "pressure" an organ, the pressure is too large and would not relieve, easily hormone imbalance in the body, so to maintain a good psychological state of the breast useful.Because many women now busy with work, not for the continuity of breast-feeding, breast-feeding or shortened, experts recommend breast-feeding even the best in more than half a year to one year, it would also help prevent breast cancer.Self-test should be elected on timeIn addition to regular annual inspection to go to the hospital, breast self-examination is also important, preferably once a month. Menopausal women are not the best time to check in monthly menstrual after 7-10 days, at this time compared breast soft, easy to abnormal; menopausal women have been free to choose any one day a month for regular inspection. Experts recommend using the following three methods:Bathing check: The share of flat hand gently mobile, check each part of the breast. Put his right hand to check the left breast, left hand to check the right side of the breast to check the availability of breast lumps, induration or thickening.In a mirror in front of check:Is treating the mirror two sagging both sides the body, raises slowly again two upper limbs excessively, observes breast's shape change, including breast's outline, whether there is to swell up the part, whether there is the skin micro concave or nipple's retraction. Then, both hands fork waist, observation two-sided breast to be whether symmetrical.Lying check: The hands flat on the skin soft reduction to nipple-centric mobile inspection gradually. Check the outside began in the top of the breast,The right breast to a clockwise direction, the left breast in order to counter-clockwise; from the periphery of the breast, the gradually inward until the nipple. Finally, in between his thumb and index finger to observe whether or not light squeeze the nipple nipple discharge. For discharge, should be observed to clarify or muddy, is light yellow, white or bloody. Once the abnormal, should immediately seek medical treatment.