Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The precancerous lesions have usually 8 kinds of types

1. leukoplakia
mainly oral, gastrointestinal, vaginal etc. mucosa leukoplakia;
2. Chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis;
3. Cervical erosion, mainly severe cervical erosion;
4. Cystic hyperplasia;
5. Old-age solar keratoses;
6. Xeroderma pigmentosa;
7. Gastrointestinal polyps, especially in familial and multiple polyps;
8. Other benign-Cancer

When man confirmed the Precancerous lesions ,it is necessary to active treatment.such as repeated the oral ulcer,man will the first of all classification and treatment;The Cervical erosion, especially in female patients with severe,Should immediately make microwave Physical Therapy;Jeghers because of bacteria, viruses, long-term chronic stimulation,as a result of into a great chance of cancer, it may be preferable to early surgery;on the exposed parts u. easily encountered nevi,if deeper color nevi,There is the possibility of malignant transformation, we should also seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

The majority of precancerous lesions can be found by checking.however, the body will give the owner sent some signals,such as Leucorrhea abnormal,ulcers continue for a long time,stool bleeding, breast feels some pain ... must never lose sight of those questions,should be timely to large hospitals, specialist out-patient diagnosis, timely review.cancer is the result of a combination of factors, as much as possible blocking before the process of carcinogenesis, even if only a small detail, it will stay away from cancer.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Method to lose weight under the help of liquid food

Method to lose weight under the help of liquid food,This is called “fast” method in the medical clinic, also known as a method to lose weight called “low calorie meals”.The people in this way to lose weight completely do not eat solid food,just drink seasoning protein liquid every day during 16 weeks or probably longer—-Total of 400 —800 thousand calorie liquid.It can cut weight by 2 kg - 4 kg in a week, and thereafter minus 2.5 kilograms or so a week.

It is reported that tens or thousands of obese persons have carried on the method to lose weight and after the food stream have a successful effect of losing 25 kg -35 kg weight in a short span of 16 weeks .
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vaginitis’s harm

Vaginitis’s harm :
1. Vaginal inflammation will be recurrent easily and destroy the feminine immune system seriously if in the inappropriate treatment.Being not recovered for a long-term seriously causes the cervicitis and the pelvic inflammatory disease, even causes the cervix of the uterus cancer.

2. Vaginitis patients have leucorrhea pathogens within,and the sperm can be engulfed by the positive cells.The disease also results in sperm’s activity and survival rate lower, so easily lead to infertility, and have sexual intercourse such as pain and loss of libido.

Vaginitis is an unspeakable pain of lots of women.In the women’s lifetime, at different times or because of different reasons,they will probably experience vaginitis’s attacks.How to take symptomatic medication under the guidance of experts in gynecological and be in timely treatment of course is obviously the best solution.

No matter what kind of vaginitis, the sex life must be forbided in treatment period in order to avoid the sexual intercourse rubs to cause the vagina hyperemia and inflammation aggravating.

After the treatment has ended,you should reexamine the leucorrhea after the next menstruation,and recovery the sex life just on the occision that the exmine shows negative.

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