Thursday, March 12, 2009

Losing weight by the yoga is just to be suitable in spring.

In fact,in the beginning yoga is not for losing weight but mainly physical and mental conditioning.Later, the special thin Yoga is a improved yoga of losing weight.

The Yoga which is used to lose weight is to burn the most fat and promote metabolism of body arranged together to achieve the downsizing effects of enhancing the heart rate and burning the calorie. Since the sport is orderly , it’s not easy to be obese again to practice losing weight yoga, through reconciling breathing can reduce appetite, in addition to their physical and mental conditioning also played a significant role in losing weight.Yoga due to enhanced muscle strength and muscular endurance, be able to exercise a well-proportioned and beautiful body and is increasingly being respected by more and more people.
Methods of operation in losing weight through Yoga

1.Sit on the chair with your right hand holding the left lateral knee, inhale, simultaneously extend the left hand back along with the five fingers as spread as possible open, eyes fixed on the middle finger.Maintain this action for the time of 5 times breathing, then move hands up and then back to its original location.
2.To sit at the 1 / 3 position of a chair with hands putting on the chair,suction following, then bottom leave the chair,head supine to the back depending hands sustaining the body.
3.The maintenance of five breathing, and then slowly return to the original position.
4.Then relax the body, bending down, to maintain the same five breathing, and then back to sitting.
3.Finally, you push the index finger at the junction with the tiger’s mouth, can help suppress appetite.
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