Monday, March 9, 2009

The beauty shop nursing flesh skin to make up the water

In summer the air condition greatly opens, causeing the skin moisture content to disappear rapidly, the epidermis moisture content’s supply relative reduction, so the skin becomes dried obviously. In addition, longer duration of sunshine make the skin itching and lack of protection,so that wrinkles, spots take the opportunity to invade.Especially the nine-to-five office owners, their skin are being put into the dryer’s apple, but also do it black.

If you want to work the beautiful without hampering the other, first of all is to make up the water on the strong effect and going to the beauty shop is a great idea. Today we will show the real veil of making up the water in the beauty shop.
The Step 1 :foreign citrus fruits do balance:

The beginning of the process has no difference from other beauty items—-deep clean, eliminate scrub and blackhead. However, an increase of beauticians in particular is using foreign citrus petals accompanied Toner to wipe at your face to do the balance,and at this time strange things happened:in the bottle is clearly saw that the foreign citrus petals is gone when it is enough to the surface , making people feel what is meant by “to the visible, go without a trace.”
The Step 2 :cold water spray injection:

The beautician firstly spreads a disposable milk facial mask paper in the face, then turns on the instrument to carry on again spurts coldly.

Introduction according to beautician, cold spray not only helps to open the skin pores, but also put moisture directly “injected” into the skin so that skin enjoys “drinking”.After commencement of operation, a feeling of a breeze has blown your face and facial skin has been gradually easing.
The Step 3 : import peaches Serum:

After completing the atomization, the beautician adjusts the instrument inducts the pattern, with metal stick who wrapped up the cotton starting from the neck , along the chin, the cheeks slides to the forehead, to the mixed dried skin, by now will think a little the stabbing pain.Beauticians also add peaches serum to prevent face from being dried during this period.The entire process does not use the manpower completely, but uses the different computer contact to carry on, letting the flesh neat and carefree be more thorough.
The Step 4 : spreads the silk facial mask :

Beautician firstly pay an entire silk soft membrane into a small bowl,use brush to evenly spread in the forehead, face and neck throughout the side —-all-nourishing of the skin, tighten pores;And then pour instant jelly and continue to spread in the mask ,so that the facial skin will get further absorption of moistureafter after the points have been completely clear of.Solcoseryl I remain the gel on the skin feeling very unique, both as a layer of cold membrane covering the surface of the skin,and like the rain fall to dried land as soon as the infiltration into.

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