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Ketone Kang trifles and mycotic vaginitis

Ketone Kang trifles, is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents.It has a strong role in suppression and killing of types of trichophyton diseases caused by skin fungi, yeast and other fungi,whether it is superficial mycoses, or deep fungal.On clinical Ketone Kang trifle is commonly used in treatment of diseases such as athlete’s foot, onychomycosis, fungus stomatitis, fungus pneumonia, mycotic vaginitis and body-wide fungal infections and so on.
Pay attention to the following several spots when it is used.
(1) Human body’s cell membrane contains the cholesterol,and has a certain degree of similarity with the composition of fungal cell membrane.Therefore some antifungal agents have a greater toxicity on human body cells.Su-workers, even though the toxicity is much lower than most other antifungal.But if the amount is oversized, time lasts long, also be easy to have the poisonous side effect.
(2) Regarding general infection,an adult takes 200 milligram one time every day, is compareed the security,and may take as so till to the symptoms disappears. To special infections, such as candida albicans vaginal disease, the daily amount need to be increased to 800 mg,divided to 2 times to take. However, medication should be especially careful of children,to the 1 ~ 4-year-old children, the daily capacity of 50 mg; 5 ~ 12 years of age is 100 mg daily.
(3) Suffering from acute and chronic liver disease, as well as those are allergic to this drug should be banned to use, pregnant women should be banned also.
(4) During the medication,liver function must be reviewed once at least every two weeks,once found liver is damaged, should immediately stop to take.
(5) This product can cause oral gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, headache, etc., usually take between meals can reduce the symptoms.
(6) Because of easy recurrence of fungal disease, in the course of treatment fungal culture should be carried out to negative results on many occasions before stopping using in order to avoid futile.
This product should not through the blood-brain barrier, so should not be used to treat fungal meningitis.
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