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five ways to get rid of blackhead and acne

Blackhead removal while at the same time do not want pores to become larger , whatever method is best to pre-steamed steamed our face to make the pores naturally open,in addition to be helpful to expulsion of toxin , but also helpful to clean clear. Ending up removing blackhead , the best to do is use distilled water or frozen Toner to compress mature nose and T-site not only can calm the skin, but also can shrink pores.

Secret recipe 1:drink the water with honey and at the same time use the face cream with honey will enable to change with smooth skin rapidly .

Buy bottles of honey, pick a little and used to wash your face with face cream inside every day morning and insist on drinking honey water, which can effectively remove the blackhead, let the skin becomes thin again.

Secret recipe 2: tomato with the use of lemons, which is particularly effective to eliminate the blackhead and acne.

Stirs broken tomato and lemon tablets as mud, then add some bread flour accompli after the mixing uniformity, what applied to the face for about 30 minutes to wash away is helpful to remove aging cells, deep clean the skin of blackheads, acne and oily skin particularly effectively, as well as whitening, sedation.

Secret recipe 3: egg shell membrane

Put egg shell membrane down and get it attached to the nose up, get formation, then use a small hair dryer to blow dry it.Then get it down when closely attached. Repeat several times, not only can remove the blackhead, but can also shrink pores.
Secret recipe 4: milk containing salt can dispel the blackhead

Each time 4 to 5 drops of milk added to salt, and massage the face when the salt is at a state of semi-dissolved (not too hard). After half a minute to wash away with water (Note that the time can not be too long).In order to allow the re-secretion of clean grease to protect the skin, don’t scratch anything on the washed skin.

Secret recipe 5: the tapioca may eliminate the aged cutin and the black head

1. Select and purchase the quality excellent internal medicine tapioca in the pharmacy;
2. Take the right amount tapioca to put in the small dish, furnish them lip lipstick after joining the right amount clear water;
3. Nice pearl tapioca will be deployed evenly coated in the face;
4. Massage the face until the tapioca of the face become dried, and then use water to wash your face;
5. Each week available two times, can eliminate the cutin which gets older and the blackhead well.

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